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Replacing Loro Piana soles

Replacing Loro Piana soles

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Replacement of rubber soles

Service Description: Have the soles of your favorite shoes worn out? Now is not the time to say goodbye to your trusted footwear! Our rubber sole replacement service is the ideal solution to restore your shoes to their original shine.

  • Removal of Old Soles: We carefully remove damaged or worn soles, without compromising the integrity of the upper.
  • Application of New Rubber Soles: We only use high quality materials to ensure durability, comfort and excellent grip.
  • Professional Finishing: Each shoe is finished with precision, ensuring that the new sole is a perfect fit and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Final Inspection: Before delivery, we meticulously check every detail to ensure that the shoes are ready to wear.


  • Economic Savings: Extend the life of your shoes without having to buy a new pair.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable planet.
  • Quality Assured: Our experience and dedication guarantee you excellent and long-lasting work.

Estimated processing time

45 days from arrival in store*

We remind you that every process is important for us and we do our best to give new life to your items ❤

Ps: each item will be evaluated by shoemakerMax, in the event that the repair purchased does not reflect the actual workmanship of the item sent, the aforementioned will be returned


- Images for illustrative purposes only

- In case of deep scratches, burnt/hardened leather over time and/or incorrect washing, the repair possibilities are limited and you will be contacted by one of our operators

- If you have doubts about the procedure for sending us shoes, read here

- We remind you to read and examine our conditions before proceeding with the order. You can find the conditions here

-* Processing times may vary based on seasonality, the complexity of the work, if the same item has multiple jobs and other external factors that cannot be foreseen at the time of the order

- The Maiorino guarantee will be issued together with the item for the work carried out.

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